SAJWC serves the community through financial and volunteer assistance. Our continuous fundraising and volunteer projects support a wide variety of local organizations. Since the beginning, SAJWC has set out to benefit the Staunton and Augusta County communities by fostering interest among its members in areas such as education, conservation, public affairs, fundraising and arts.


Arts & Conservation


Trash Pick-Up

The SAJWC has adopted a spot on Statler Boulevard that gets cleaned

several times a year. We find this to be a rewarding experience to help keep

our beautiful city clean.


Grocery Bag Recycling
Plastic grocery bags can be harmful to our landfills. We collect unused bags and send them off and give them a new life as splinter-resistant decking, crates and containers, or even new bags.


Community Outreach


The Valley Mission
We provide meals for the residents of the Valley Mission, as well as blankets and socks for the children that reside at the Mission. We also have decorated the rooms for families that call the mission their temporary home.

CASA For Children, Inc.
SAJWC has partnered with CASA to raise money to help with funding.

Augusta Health - Cancer Center
For the female cancer patients, we have made earrings to brighten their spirits and give hope.

The MaDee Project
We have volunteered time and raised money for The MaDee Project which helps with supplies and other necessities for parents of children that have cancer.


The Valley Children's Center
SAJWC has spent time and fundraising donations to the Valley Children’s Center which keeps abused children from having to testify in front of the abuser.


Ride with Pride
We provided donations to Ride with Pride which helps mentally and physically challenged children and adults.

Community Child Care Center

The members volunteer time and money to help keep the daycare center up to date. 

New Directions

We donate items and or money to help the women at the center get back on their feet and help them in their job search should they need it. 

Camp Easter Seals

SAJWC's members donate their time and items while checking in campers with special needs. 

The Verona Community Food Pantry

Members volunteer their time at the pantry and donate goods on Thursday mornings. 




SAJWC annually contributes up to $1,000 to two Augusta County and Staunton high school students that are seeking continued education in a college or university. These awards are based on scholastic record, educational goals, leadership quality and financial need.


Health Tips
SAJWC is lucky to have many health care professionals within the club. These member’s provided us with great health tips to pass along to friends and family.




Annual Holiday Ornament
Possibly the most celebrated SAJWC contribution to the community is the annual Christmas ornament sale. Each year a beloved local icon is selected and replicated as a brass, 24-carat plated ornament. Many Staunton and Augusta County families strive to own a complete set of these cherished mementos that started in 1992.


This year's ornament is in honor of first responders and in memory of 9/11